We're so HAPI that you are joining us!!!
This year, it took a lot of hard work to bring the HAPIfork, created and powered by Slow Control, to mass production.
We here at HAPILABS believe that 50% of our health comes from what we eat and how we eat.

We wanted the HAPIfork to be the first device to help people in eating more slowly!
And this is done!
But we have a lot more work to do now! For example, we are aware fork servings may not be detected in 10% of the cases, which is why Slow Control is improving the algorithms on the HAPIfork firmware on a daily basis.

Our focus is also to improve the accuracy of how the HAPIfork detects and counts fork servings. It already is an effective tool to make you aware of your pace and to help you eat slowly. But our goal is to make it a tool to measure meal times and count fork servings. Improvements are going on so that the device works better and better.

A huge thank you for your support and all your feedback. We will do it together!


How to Set Up Your HAPIfork in 5 Easy Steps

  • 1

    Download the HAPI Connect Software and Install It on Your Computer
    XP, Vista & later
    Mac OS 10.5.8+
  • 2

    Refer to the HAPIfork User Manual
  • 3

    Plug the HAPIfork on your computer USB Port
  • 4

    Log in the HAPI Connect Software and Sync Your HAPIfork
  • 5

    Download the HAPIfork App for Your Smartphone to Follow Your Meal in Real Time.
    Download for iOS
    (App Store)
    Download for Android
    (Google Play *)
    *support for Samsung Galaxy S4 only (4.2.2 and above)

When this is done, send us a HAPI E-mail to [email protected] to tell us you’re done & HAPI :)
The HAPI Team is eager to assist you with any issue 24/7 and to answer all your questions.

Set Up Your Device

Latest updates:
» HAPI Connect software (HAPIfork & HAPItrack) for Windows XP+ (version 08/18/14)
» HAPI Connect software (HAPIfork & HAPItrack) for Mac 10.5.8+ (version 08/18/14)
» HAPIfork mobile app for iOS (version 3/11/14)
» HAPIfork mobile app for Androïd (version 12/04/13)
» HAPI.com mobile app for Androïd (version 12/03/13)
» HAPI.com app for iOS (version 11/15/13)