We're so HAPI that you are joining us!!!
This year, it took a lot of hard work to launch our HAPIcoach platform.
We here at HAPILABS believe that 50% of our health comes from what we eat and how we eat.

HAPIcoach is a nutrition coaching platform that is distributed in the following ways:

  • on www.hapicoach.com and through the HAPIcoach smartphone app
  • with our new HAPI connected devices, the HAPI Activity Tracker and the HAPI Connected Smart Body Analyser
  • B2B as HAPIcoach Pro for health professionals to administer their own personal coaching

To get started with HAPIcoach, follow the 5 easy steps below!


How to Get Started NOW with HAPIcoach

  • 1

    Visit www.hapicoach.com (on smartphone, tablet or desktop computer) or download the HAPIcoach app (for iOs or Android devices)
    Download on the App Store Get it on Goolge play
  • 2

    Log in with your existing HAPI.com account details or create an account in the HAPIcoach app
  • 3

    Post your first 10 meals very easily by writing or just by taking pictures.
  • 4

    Get your Free personalised analysis then choose your own personal coach to set your goals and program !
  • 5

    Get ready for the NEW YOU with your coach’s daily or weekly meal reviews, validations and comments.

When this is done, send us a HAPI E-mail to feedback@hapilabs.com to tell us you’re done & HAPI :)
The HAPI Team is eager to assist you with any issue 24/7 and to answer all your questions.