HAPIbutton®: The Easy Way to Capture YOUR HAPImoments!

People often take for granted the HAPImoments in their lives. At HAPILABS, we take those precious moments seriously!

That is why we created the HAPIbutton®, an innovative technology that lets you capture and save all the HAPImoments that you experience everyday.

Count it! See it! Realize it! And own it! By being aware of a HAPImoment, you make it shine, you make it last and you value the moment!

All you have to do is press on the HAPIbutton® each time you feel a HAPImoment, whether it's big or small. Pressing on the HAPIbutton® becomes a meaningful gesture. Hold down the HAPIbutton® for between 1 to 10 seconds to determine how happy you feel.

With your HAPILABS mobile app or online dashboard, you can even add photos, videos and comments. Express your gratitude and spread your HAPIness amongst your friends!

The 3 types of HAPIness according to positive psychology

Depending on how long you press the HAPIbutton, you’ll be able to assign an intensity to the HAPImoment that you’re trying to capture. You can also indicate if this happy moment corresponds to a moment of life that is "pleasant", "good", or "meaningful", according to the definitions given by Martin Seligman PhD, founder of positive psychology.

To Seligman, the concept of happiness in life can be defined in these three types.

The "pleasant life" is a life where we link positive emotions (watching a good movie, offering something) with moments of pleasure (dinner with friends, a romantic getaway). These are moments that do not last but they can be amplified in time and space by learning to enjoy and be aware of them.

The "good life" refers to those moments in life when one is completely in tune with what he does, as if absorbed by activities that correspond exactly to what one does best (a professional musician, a competitive athlete). For him, time stops! He experiences a moment of "flow", a positive mental experience of total immersion in a given task.

Finally, a "meaningful life", which is related to the sense of personal accomplishment is where one uses his potential to actively contribute to something beyond ourselves, something greater than ourselves (humanitarian cause, group, association).

You will also recognize all the good times you’re lucky enough to experience from day to day. With the mobile application, or your online dashboard, you can even add photos, videos, comments and categorize them using the 8 pillars of the Wheel of Life (Family & Friends, Love & Relationships, Personal Development, Career, Health, Money, Physical Environment, Fun/Recreation).

By enriching HAPImoments on the mobile app or the Internet, you will relive those wonderful moments a second time.

Why do we focus on HAPIness?

Becoming happier doesn’t only mean to collect moments of joy, pleasure, satisfaction or even love. In developing your level of happiness, you improve other important aspects of your health, starting with your immune system and life expectancy.

By becoming aware of every good moment, you develop your quality of life in the broadest sense; personal and social life, self-esteem, self-confidence, job satisfaction, etc.. And of course, being happy is contagious; when you're happy, it shows! You'll pass this spirit of optimism and satisfaction to your family, friends, colleagues; basically anyone you come into contact with.

Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor at the University of California who specializes in positive psychology mentioned in her bestseller, ‘the How of Happiness’ (Penguin Press); "Happy people are more sociable, more charitable, more cooperative and more appreciated by others. They are more flexible, more creative, more productive, make better leaders and better negotiators, and are generally more resilient to life's difficulties. On average, they earn more money than others but they’re mostly healthier and live longer than the average man. "

What happens when the HAPIbutton is pressed?

In making a habit of pressing your HAPIbutton whenever you feel a positive emotion, you will train your brain to trigger a flow of serotonin, the happiness hormone. By pressing this button several times a day, you'll support the serotonin levels in your body, which will have the effect of boosting your morale and appetite for life.

It has been scientifically proven that, serotonin plays a major role in emotional state changes. Some of its components are even used in medicine to treat symptoms related to depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Serotonin has a powerful anti-stress effect.

Renowned neuroscientists such as Professor Simon N. Young highlighted the causal relationship between a subject's mood and serotonin levels in their body. Serotonin tends to stimulate good mood and vice versa; positive thoughts increase serotonin levels.

The Science behind the HAPIbutton

Beyond success, beauty, wealth, possession, what really matters today for an individuals quality of life and feeling of happiness.

What you should know is that research in neurobiology over the past 15 years have shown that the sense of well-being of the individual is largely determined by the balance between two sets of essential hormones within the body.

The first set being serotonin and dopamine, which flow through the brain and cause positive emotions. These emotions tend to focus on personal satisfaction, like when you win a game, succeed in business or go on a nice vacation. They also include more subtle emotions related to sensation, such as having a good time with friends, sharing a romantic dinner with a loved one or playing with your kids. The decreased level of these hormones would result in a rather low morale, a depression or a period of blues. And then there’s the adrenaline and cortisol set of essential hormones, located in the adrenal glands. They are mainly generated by emotions seen as “negative” even if they are sometimes needed to overcome challenges in life (such as stress). Production of adrenaline and cortisol are rarely simultaneous, they do not correspond to the same types of bodily responses.

The adrenaline flow, well-known to actors or athletes are usually triggered by stressful situations related to external pressures in work, sports, sexuality, etc; any situation where one is required to meet expectations or overcome obstacles. Secretions of cortisol are more akin to the emotional ‘recovery’ after a period of stress. Excessive stress will eventually exhaust the adrenal glands and cause chronic fatigue (physical and mental), and an overall decline in vitality.

It’s a fact that you can experience yourself; at the beginning of the twenty-first century - the age of performance and pressures of all kinds - the balance in many individuals is heavier in the cortisol adrenaline-side. This has the effect of weakening or even prematurely deteriorating the body.

The importance of Serotonin for our mood

The purpose of the HAPIbutton is to restore the balance between these two sets of hormones by increasing the presence of serotonin and dopamine. It is not just stress and depression that restrict their production in the body; bad diet plays a large role too.

As noted by French physician and neurobiologist, Yann Rougier; "our food has changed more in the last 50 years than in the last 50 centuries!" This situation is mainly due to the refining of food and the need to preserve it for storage and transport. The more refined a food, the more unnatural it is; this tends to bring the food closer to its pure chemical structure.

But our bodies were never designed to assimilate pure molecules. They’re made ??to digest molecules surrounded by fiber, vitamins, and enzymes that will help in the assimilation process.

This change in the natural structure of food follows a progressive imbalance in the flow of insulin, potentially causing seizures, or short but frequent hypoglycemia.

Finally, it is essential to keep "a vital mechanism" in mind; our brain feeds mainly on oxygen and sugar (glucose), any "lack" of these would cause intense stress. It would then respond by triggering an "emergency mode" (response); it will encourage the flow of adrenaline and cortisol (to go in search of food!) while weakening the Serotonin and Dopamine set of hormones.

Serotonin, our main happiness and mental well being hormone, also plays a major role in the brain area that triggers feelings of hunger and tells us when to stop eating.

Consequences of these repeated hypoglycemia attacks, are a decreased flow of serotonin. It "disconnects” the hunger control center and it would take about 35 to 45 minutes to resume its duties as an appetite limiter.

Since it usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete a meal, the metabolic consequence is unavoidable; we overeat without being ‘in need’ of energy. We are unable to fight the commands of the brain in pursuit of metabolic satisfaction.

Everyday, we overstore these excess calories and this leads to troubles for our health such as weight gain, diminished vitality, and a drop in morale.

Press on the button, push your life

The HAPIbutton is the common response of applied neuroscience and new technologies in search of happiness, self-individuals from the twenty-first century. It allows, for the first time, to marry the virtual with the real. Pressing the HAPIbutton when you experience a positive emotion, you make the statement that you are going through an important moment; a HapiMoment.

In this way, the moment that could have remained insignificant (we generally find it difficult to identify real ‘happy’ moments because we simply don’t acknowledge them) is the subject of special attention and awareness for those who experience it. When you press the HAPIbutton, you acknowledging a positive experience, giving a positive push in your life, physiologically generating a "push" of serotonin in your body.

Training happiness initiated by the HAPIbutton is likely to better protect you against two types of situations:

Situations of intense stress when it comes to you meeting expectations and achieving goals.

Situations of emotional mismanagement, when you feel sad, lonely, or downright depressed due to a decline in morale.

Phases in your well-being don’t last long, whenever you do experience something pleasant or achieve success in something, you will press your HAPIbutton to "physically" account the positive emotion you experienced. By pressing it, you will quantifiably materialize your quality of life.