What is the HAPI Revolution?

As 18th Century French Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire said: "I have decided to be happy because it's good for my health." This quote pretty much sums up what the HAPI Revolution is all about.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that being positive, optimistic, and ultimately HAPI is a significant boost to one's health. That's one of the reason why, at HAPILABS, we decided to focus on those precious everyday moments when life is smiling at us. We want people to realize and acknowledge the HAPImoments that they often take for granted.

The HAPI Revolution is not solely focused on HAPIness. At HAPILABS, we also consider the other important aspects of our life such as: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, relaxation and, more generally, health.

We are introducing the groundbreaking device to help you eat more slowly: the HAPIfork. Nutrition is indeed a major concern for us and there are two reasons to back up this choice; first, we believe what you eat and how you eat take up 50% of your health, and second, we have honed our nutrition expertise the past 10 years.

The objective of the HAPI Revolution is to help you create a HAPIer and healthier YOU. We'll give you all our support to balance the 3 pillars of your life: EAT LIVE LOVE.

Healthier Habits for a New HAPI YOU

We'll provide YOU with the practical tools (activity trackers, free apps, coaching services, etc.) to monitor and pay closer attention to how you HEALTHY you eat, how WELL you sleep, how RELAXED you feel, and of course, how HAPI you are. We even designed an online dashboard where you can view how you improve your quality of life day by day.

We all know that we have to eat more slowly, do more exercise, sleep earlier, and do 1001 things that are good for us. But good habits are difficult to adopt and even more difficult to maintain. The HAPI Revolution will help and support you to keep a balanced life for the long run.

We want to help people change. We want to help people take better care of them selves. We want to help people get more satisfaction out of life. We want them to acknowledge their habits (good and bad), change their health and wellness behaviors, and of course, track their progress over time.

And when they will realize the HAPI Revolution's positive impact on their life, they will surely spread the HAPI Revolution among the people they care for.

Now it's your turn to make the move. It's your opportunity to join the HAPI Revolution.

Measuring HAPIness

We know that if a factor can be measured, it can be improved! So we decided to transform our daily wellbeing episodes into measurable data. To do so, we created the HAPIbutton®, an innovative technology that lets us capture and save all the HAPImoments that we experience everyday. By being aware of a HAPImoment, we make it shine more, last longer, and remember it for life!

All we have to do is press the HAPIbutton® each time we feel a HAPImoment, whether big or small. Pressing on the HAPIbutton® becomes a meaningful gesture as it lets you acknowledge all the times you do something good for yourself. When you feel good, you press on the HAPIbutton to keep that moment!

With HAPILABS mobile app or online dashboard, we can even add photos, videos and comments on this captured moments. The first goal is to express our gratitude to life itself and the second one is to share our HAPIness with our family and friends!

What kind of HAPIness?

By holding down the HAPIbutton® for between 1 to 10 seconds, we can determine how happy we feel and what kind of HAPIness it is. As Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology and author of Authentic Happiness stated, there are three types of HAPIness.

First there is the "Pleasant Life", where we acquire as many pleasures as possible and have the skills to amplify them. This is the life wherein we link positive emotions with moments of pleasure (dinners with friends, romantic getaways, etc.).

These moments do not last but they can be amplified in time and space by being mroe aware of them.

Then, there's the "Good Life", when we know what our personal skills are and use them improve the flow of life. This refers to the moments when we are completely in tune with what we do, as if absorbed by activities that correspond exactly to what we do best. Imagine the contentment of a professional musician playing his favorite melody! At this point, time stops! We experience a moment of “flow”, a positive mental experience of total immersion in a given task.

Finally, there is the "Meaningful Life", where we use our personal skills in the service of something that we believe is larger than we are. This is when we use our full potential to actively contribute to something greater than ourselves (usually a humanitarian cause, group or organization).

The 7 Steps to Become a Successful HAPI Revolutionist

  1. Decide to join the HAPI Revolution by registering on HAPILABS.com.

  2. Commit to monitor your daily "Eat-Love-Live" activities (with or without activity trackers).

  3. Become an official HAPI Revolutionist after 10 days of online monitoring.

  4. Check your progress and how your life is improving.

  5. Spread the word among your friends and family to help them.

  6. Get the HAPI Revolution ambassador starter-kit from HAPILABS.

  7. Hold a group meeting in your community to make other people HAPIer and healthier.