HAPIcoach Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your answer below, you can contact us at feedback@hapilabs.com.

As a health professional, why do I need HAPIcoach Pro?

HAPIcoach Pro is an online platform that will help you manage your clients better, faster, and more efficiently. You will be able to view the meals they eat day after day and commend them or even approve them. You can also keep in touch with them through private messaging.

At the end of every week, you will receive a full report about your clients’ activities and eating behaviours. You have 24/7 access to your client for as long as you have a device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and Internet connection.

Is it free?

HAPIcoach Pro is currently on beta version, which means that all health professionals are invited to use it for free and give us feedback.
Interested? Contact us to get your access.

How can I get my access?

Just request access by clicking on the contact link below and tell us your full name, job title, the region you established your business and the number of patients you intend to manage online.

How can I invite my clients to access HAPIcoach?

Once you get your HAPIcoach Pro account, you will have the possibility to create individual access for every client.
They just need to download the HAPIcoach app (currently on iOS only for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices) to be able to start posting their meals.

What tool will my clients use for me to follow up on them?

The HAPIcoach app can be downloaded for free in the App Store for iOS devices.
Your clients will also have access to the web platform at https://www.hapilabs.com and also post their physical activities steps, sleep, etc.

What nutritional and activity data can I get from my patients?

You can get the nutritional components of their meals, pictures of their meals, and also the evolution of their weight and other data they are willing to share with you (physical, steps, sleep).

Will the data of my patients be securely protected?

Yes. Each user of the HAPIcoach platform will only share data with his or her coach. Information remains private.

How can I be in touch with my patients?

Each time you comment or validate a meal, and each time you send them a message through HAPIcoach Pro, your clients will receive an alert on his or her smartphone.

What happens if I don't want to coach a client anymore?

You will have the possibility to not follow your clients if they are not using the app properly. In this case, you won’t receive their posts anymore.
In any case, you can reactivate your client supervision at any moment you want so they can post again.

Can I securely archive personal information about my clients?

Yes. On each profile page of a client, you have access to a notepad to quickly write and save any information you want to remain confidential.