About us

  • fabrice boutain

    fabrice boutain: founder & CEO

    Fabrice is the CEO of HAPILABS Ltd. based in Hong Kong. His vision is to create a HAPI Revolution with HAPI Products leading the way, starting with the flagship product, HAPIfork unveiled in January 2013. His personal vision is to help individuals and groups improve their health, fitness and well being through HAPILABS "connected solutions".

    He started in the Internet industry in the 1990s after working in the raw materials trade for three years in China and elsewhere in Asia. His first Internet venture was a French portal called Pagefrance, which reached one million users in just few weeks via viral marketing in 1995.

    The company was successfully sold in January 2000 to the Lycos Europe Group. Since then, he has dedicated his life to his passion for Wellness, Health, Fitness and Nutrition, starting with the launch of Anxa Coaching in 2002, which is now the leading nutrition, weight-loss and wellbeing coaching platform in Europe.

    He founded Aujourdhui.com in 2007, which is the number one Nutrition and Fitness website in France with about 1.8 million visitors per month. He also founded Actinutrition in 2010, which develops a bio-technology called ACE, high value and health-oriented nutritional supplements.

    What makes him HAPI! Polevaulting with his boys, A Romantic Gluten-Free Dinner with his wife, Watching Olympics & Major Sporting Events, Drinking Pomerol Wine, Traveling & Meditating in Asia, Advancing the HAPIrevolution and HAPIfork.

    Quote: "I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health" - Voltaire


  • Andrew Carton

    andrew carton: president

    Andrew is President of HAPILABS USA and is based just outside Miami Florida, where he'll direct, drive and oversee HAPILAB's America's operations and activities.

    He also founded Mobile Nations, a leading social media and social commerce business, which runs the largest and most influential smartphone communities with nearly 10 million unique visitors per month.

    Their sites include Crackberry.com, AndroidCentral.com, iMore.com, Windows Phone Central and webOS Nation. In 2007, the company was ranked as the fastest growing retailer on the Inc. 500 list of private companies in America, achieving an impressive 37 position on the list.

    Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Alteraxio, the Managing Director of ad pepper Media in the UK and the founder of Treonauts, which was the leading destination for existing and prospective owners of Palm's Smartphones.

    He has also served as a consultant and was the Managing Director of Count Zero a promotional marketing company that specialized in enhancing the value of brands through unique, innovative and well designed promotional items.

    Andrew speaks three languages and has lived in ten countries.

    What makes him HAPI! Working Alongside a Team of "Misfits" to Build a Great Company, Running, Mountain Hiking, Traveling, Quality Time with His Family, Solitude Walks on the Beach and Cooking with Italian Cuisine being his Specialty.

    Quote: "We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give."


  • Philippe Monteiro da Rocha

    philippe monteiro da rocha: operations

    Philippe is the head of operations and co-founder of HAPILABS. He started his career in journalism after securing a degree from La Sorbonne in Paris and has held a variety of roles including editor-in-chief for various renowned French media including national networks M6 and RMC, as well as several entertainment press groups.

    After relocating to Singapore as a press correspondent in the nineties, he created his first Internet venture, a web agency, and shortly thereafter teamed up with Fabrice and Christophe Boutain to create Pagefrance, a web portal which was eventually absorbed by the Lycos Group in 2000.

    He is also the co-founder of ANXA, an Internet and mobile apps venture dedicated to help people self-evaluate and improve their health and their personal life. Spearheading the company's global content strategy, he focused on developing subscription-based content for the social media age.

    In 2011, Philippe released "Le Grand Challenge", a 52-minutes documentary about how the Internet Revolution is rapidly changing people's health and quality of life. He has also published two books on his experiences in the web marketing world.

    What makes him HAPI! Reading hard-to-believe crime stories, Racing on the beach with his shih tzu, Watching soccer players faking fouls, Drinking wheatgrass shots with the boys, Getting massaged with (or by) his wife, Eating his favorite black pepper tuna carpaccio with his HAPIfork, Playing silly in the pool with his daughter, Listening to ACDC and other modern poets, Watching Nicki Minaj perform as American Idol judge.

    Quote: "HAPIness is not found at the end of the road, HAPIness IS the road!" (Tibetan quote)


  • Edward Gash

    edward gash: intl. sales & marketing director

    Edward (sometimes also affectionately known as Edd) is the International Sales & Marketing Director for HAPILABS Ltd. based in Hong Kong. He joined the team early on in 2013, inspired by Fabrice's vision to create the HAPI Revolution and to be part of the movement to help people improve their health, fitness and happiness through connected solutions.

    Edward has 7 years of experience working in sports related devices, and close to 13 years experience working in the fitness industry, where he started his career as a personal trainer before basing himself out in Hong Kong. Following his experience in the sports industry, he then moved to Hong Kong and China, where he learned the local languages and worked in all aspects of sports-related technology, sales, and marketing.

    What makes him HAPI! Traveling around China, running, working out outdoors and in the gym, watching sports, testing out new gadgets, eating healthy home-cooked meals with his wife, and fun outdoor activities like cycling and swimming.